3 cool and unusual designs you probably haven’t seen

So you must be thinking that our website is mainly about typical cool designs. Well it is and it is not. We are absolutely huge fans of cool designs, however, we like to share designs we like in any and every type of context and situation.

With that in mind, we decided to start off with 3 favorite designs we have been digging lately.

Again, remember we pride ourselves from choosing designs from unusual places and areas, so don’t be surprised if something does not look like your typical “cool design”.

So here they are:

1. The egg sofa

egg sofa(Source: http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2008/12/03/creative-and-unusual-sofa-designs/)

This design is super cool not just because of the way it looks but also imagine all that effort it took those people to pile up tall those eggs without breaking a single one! Yummy all that protein will last for months!

Coolnes = 8

Difficulty = 10

Unusual factor = 11

2. The d-bal supplement bottle


(Source: dbalsupplement.com)

Talking about protein, makes me want to talk about our next cool and unusual design on the list. This is the supplement bottle and box called: d-bal max. This company have really thought about this. This dynamite shaped supplement which comes in a wooden vintage type of box is supposed to give you a hell of a dynamite and explosive workout! We think that it’s even worth buying the supplement just for its sleek packaging!

Coolness = 11

Difficulty = hmmm

Unusual factor = 10

3. The Basket office

basket office

(Source: http://www.wackyarchives.com/featured/20-unusual-house-designs.html)

I don’t know about you, but I know I would be proud as heck to work in an office like that. Don’t ask me what on earth do they sell, manufacture, or do in that office, and I am pretty sure it is not be even related to baskets, or is it?

Imagine working as a top attorney or investment banker and your office looks like that? That would hell of an ice breaker with your clients wouldn’t it? “Hello my name is John, and I am calling you from Basket Sachs” lol, anyway let’s get back to our designs.

Coolness = 12

Uniqueness = 100000

Unusual factor = (Isn’t it the same as uniqueness?)

You must be wondering by now, aren’t the ratings supposed to be from 1-10? Well, we think that we’d like to use some unusual way of rating that’s out of this world too, and so be it. The designs here are way too freakin’ awesome to be given a maximum score of 10!

There you have it folks, our first 3 top unusual designs. Keep an eye on our blog for more unusual and new designs.